The program Terminologia Sareak Ehunduz  assumes that there is a tight relation between the quality of teaching and the quality of the language employed in the process:

  • The language input that students receive is mostly composed of teachers´ oral and written texts.
  • The future success of the students is related to their capacity to understand and to take in the input.
  • The development of the ability to appropriately use academic registers is closely related to the language-model that teachers offer.

Two factors may hinder the quality of the teacher´s productions:


The program Terminologia Sareak Ehunduz intends to have an effect on the problems related to the lack of normalization of Basque: the main goal is to create and dynamize communication networks among professors in order to compensate for the lack of fixation of the terminology and phraseology used in academic communcation. In any case, the developments and reinforcement of such networks is expected to influence the language competence itself and, in the end, the normalization for academic registers.

The TSE program is offered by the Department of Basque language and Communication, and it intends to influence over the teaching materials: it offers strategies and materials to help the fixation of terminology and to guaranteee the language quality of the texts.

The following are some of the important characteristics of the program:

Work unit The subject taught by a teacher (or a group of techers) within a major.
  • Teachers that may have an individual interest
  • Teachers that form a so called Group of Teachers:
    • Several teachers that teach the same subejct.
    • Different teachers that teach the same group of students.
Action lines of the program
  1. 1st line: To make  the teaching materials used in the university on the GARATERM corpus.
  2. 2nd line: To make visible the real terminology and phraseology used in the university on the terminology database TZOS.

Permanent Seminars: Discussions about texts and terminology: improvement of the quality of texts in group seminars, criteria and decisions about the analysis of the variation of terms.

Academic recognition Within the program EHUNDU, among the optional indicators of the faculties, in the section “development of the curriculum”: the number of teacher participants in the program “Terminologia Sareak Ehunduz” with respect to the number of teachers attached to the faculty. Participation in the TSE program will be acknowledged within the section of formation of the program DOCENTIAZ. The two parts of the program will be recognized separately.