The theoretical and methodological foundations

In 2007 “the Guiding Plan of Basque of the UPV/EHU (2007-20013)” was accepted. That plan included some goals related to the preparation of the university teachers. Thus, the Vicechancellor of Basque asked the Department of Basque language and Communication to start organizing initiatives to reach the goals stated in the plan (the former Basque Philology Department). Several teachers of the department were in charge of starting the task. The first step was to discuss and decide on the theoretical and methodological basis in order to design the program. In any case, the initial theoretical and methodological foundations have been developed, refined and shared through colaborative work among the teachers in charge of the program and also, to a large extent, thanks to the contribution of the experts that have participated in the program. “The II Guiding Plan of Basque of the UPV/EHU (2013-2017)” accepted in 2013 consolidated the foundations and the institutional support of the program Terminologia Sareak Ehunduz.

The three major theoretical and methodological elements of the program are the following:

  1. Basic foundations of the TSE program
  2. The didactic basis of the TSE program
  3. The basis of terminology work in the TSE program